Build up that Low Self Esteem

Our self esteem grows when our good qualities are praised. Having others compliment and reassure us of our worth builds self respect and gives us new confidence to face the world we live in. Unfortunately our self esteem can also be just as easily reduced when we are ridiculed or have aspects of our personality judged as being unimportant.

Developing low self esteem happens all too easily and too frequently when. If we receive too many negative messages our self esteem can plummet and we become plagued by self doubt and insecurity. Often during difficult times in life it is the very messages that we send to ourselves which can be the ones that cause low self esteem to occur. We have all done it at one time or another we have stood in front of the mirror and focused on our negative qualities rather than our positive ones.

We have all at one point or another sent negative messages to our self rather than positive ones. Problems arise when we get in the habit of doing this on a regular basis. This constant feed of negative criticism does affect our self esteem and we can quite effectively brainwash our self into believing what we are being told.

We develop low self esteem and we carry this attitude with us into our daily life. The messages that others send to us, and that we send to ourselves, do affect our abilities and our capabilities. Low self esteem affects how we interact with the world around us so it is very important to train your thoughts to concentrate in a positive direction. 

If at all possible remove yourself from the influence of negative people, situations, and messaging. The less negativity that you are exposed to then the easier it will be for you to develop a more positive sense of self esteem. Reinforce positive aspects of your personality and appearance as often as you are able to. Low self esteem is a learned behavior so removing it will take some lifestyle modification to create an effective change. Patience and a willingness to change are the key principles to removing the negative thoughts which cause low self esteem. You are the only person who is able to effect this change.

Refuse to allow negative thoughts to affect your thinking. Replace any negativity with positive complimentary thoughts. I am kind, I am a good person, I am successful, I am beautiful, are a few sayings which are great for providing the positive re-enforcement needed to replace low self esteem. 

Look in the mirror and focus on the positive aspects of your looks ie; I have the most beautiful eyes, my hair is so soft, I have a nice smile. Now think of the wonderful internal features that you possess: I have a great sense of humour, I am kind, I am intelligent, and I am amazingly me. These affirmations repeated time and again will become ingrained in your thoughts. Give yourself the compliments that we as emotional creatures so need to hear.

We are human and we need encouragement, compliments, and self-enforcement to make us feel good about ourselves and our accomplishments. If we don’t receive this encouraging feedback then we can all too easily develop low self esteem. It is so unnecessary that this happens but fortunately the good news is that this process can be reversed. Flipping to a more optimistic lifestyle can make you a happier more positive person so be nice to yourself.

Provide yourself with the compliments and positive re-enforcement needed to eliminate the negative thoughts which cause low esteem. Start today, go over to the mirror and say something nice to the person looking back at you.

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