I guess that this page is all about me. I have JO1 Antibodies which are a marker for people with Antisynthetase Syndrome. Because the illness is rare it is classed under the heading of Myositis. For the first few years of my illness this definitely made for some distinct confusion. Rare illnesses can be difficult to diagnose, understand, and treat.

Spontaneous Remission:
Remission is the dream word for those of us who suffer from illness. Cancer, chronic disorder, or handicap, there are many who pray for this blessing to come their way. I was shocked when I stumbled onto a rather unique theory as to why I am ill. Could my disease really be here because I am a spontaneous remission survivor of cancer? The article definitely caught my attention.

The Day my Heart Stopped Beating:
Over the years I have had more than a few scares with this illness. The symptoms and flares come and go in a seemingly never ending parade of indifference to my valiant efforts to keep them at bay. But every now and then an old hurt flames to a dangerous level or a new symptom sneaks in and shocks the heck out of me That is what happened on this day.

Shake off the Stress - We Don't Need That Nasty Old Stuff

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