Taking Control

It is known as health self management. Combining a doctor prescribed treatment with responsible diet and lifestyle change can make a substantial difference to the symptoms and course of an illness. I know it works because for me this program displays itself in a decrease of pain and an increase to my energy levels.


Adapting to Chronic Illness: It can feel like your world has been suddenly turned upside down. Your life and lifestyle have changed and it can take some time to adjust to your new circumstance. You are different now and it can take a little time to figure things out, adjust, and adapt.


Take Control of Your Health: Whether you suffer from chronic illness, disability of disease there are many factors that can and will influence your overall health. Healing comes in many forms and the treatments prescribed by your doctor are generally only a small percentage of the therapy available for your use.


Prioritize: Many chronic or long term illnesses come with added symptoms of pain and fatigue. Learning to say no to additional tasks and to the people who ask can often be part of the adaption process. We are not always able to do all that we are used to so it comes down to a process of prioritization. It is known as an energy budget and it can greatly improve your quality of life.

When it Comes to Your Health Knowledge is a Powerful Tool: Be Wise Be Well.

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