Aluminum Metal Poisoning

There are metals that the human body cannot tolerate yet even today we continue to be exposed to them. Aluminum is one of these.

When I was a child awareness of lead poisoning was just becoming known. The lead pipes and paints in homes, schools, and businesses were creating health issues for those exposed to them and safety warnings were coming out. Because people were learning of its detrimental health effects preventative measures were put in place and lead was banned from use in many common household products.

Metal poisoning and especially when it concerns aluminum may not be an easy health issue to recognize or to diagnose but it is still occurring. It is a metal that should be used in building materials and furniture items but not in products used in our food preparation.  Aluminum toxicity is of particular concern because this metal still shows up in many of our food preparation and food storage products. 

Aluminum poisoning can express itself with a variety of symptoms and mimic the tell tale signs of many common illnesses. A lack of ability to concentrate, forgetfulness, depression, fatigue, anxiety or anger management issues, muscle weakness, breathing disorders, bowel or urinary dysfunction, thyroid problems, heart palpitations, or chronic pain are all symptoms that may occur because you have ingested more aluminum than your body can tolerate. While another type of reaction can be a heightening of sensitivities ie: an abnormal sensitivity to hot or cold temperature, light, sudden or loud noises, or other environmental stimuli which you could previously tolerate without issue.

The symptoms of metal poisoning can look very much like many other illnesses so it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. If you suspect that you have any of these above mentioned symptoms then you may be suffering from the symptoms of aluminum poisoning. If you have had excessive exposure to a specific metal please consult this possibility with your doctor. Metal toxicity is a silent but disabling enemy.

Being a foreign material and one that is not required by the body aluminum can cause damage to the living tissue it invades. It is a metal that our body does not require yet it shows up in many common food products as well as personal care products. This is a frightening situation for those who may be sensitive to its toxicity.

When we use personal care, edible, or aluminum food cooking or storage products we ingest or absorb this metal into our body. Aluminum has a tendency to accumulate in the brain and bones of those who ingest it and these areas are where many of the health difficulties related to aluminum poisoning will make themselves visible. Aluminum is not healthy for any living creature to ingest yet it can be found in many of common items within our home. It can be found in products we use to prepare our food, metal cans that store our food, our personal care products, and even directly within many of the foods and medicines which we ingest on a daily basis.

Some common household products which may have in the past or which may still contain this metal are: Baking powder, food colouring, self rising flour, salt, buffered aspirin, antacid tablets, beverages or foods stored in aluminum cans, cereal products, over the counter and prescription drugs, toothpaste and in particular in tooth whitening products, antiperspirants, cosmetics, body lotions and creams, shampoos and conditioners, lip balms, soaps, sunscreen, and suntan lotions.

Salt has not been required to list its ingredients so some brands may also contain it. Always read the label on products that you are considering purchasing for you or your family's use to insure that they do not contain toxic elements. Aluminum can be listed as alum or as silicoaluminate on the ingredients list. The titles used to describe this metal may deceive you into thinking that you have found an aluminum free product. Don't be fooled by the different names that it may be listed under.

It has also been a comment ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants and still is in many of these products even today. This means that you may be absorbing it through your skin on a daily basis and for extended periods of time. Check the labels on all of your personal care products to insure that they do not contain metals or other ingredients which could be toxic to your health.

The use of aluminum pots and pans or the process of cooking and storing your food using aluminum foil may also increase the amount of aluminum that your body absorbs. Some city water purification systems use aluminum sulfate to clarify the water which means that you may also unknowingly ingest it in this manner. Metal contamination can even be found in the air that you breath. Heavy metals poisoning is an issue which can affect people in all areas and from all walks of life.

Aluminum Can Pass Through the Placenta to the Unborn Child

Even before birth your child can be at risk. Aluminum can pass through the placenta from mother to fetus. It is important to note that metal poisoning can occur in a child even before birth. For this reason expectant mothers should be aware of products containing aluminum that they may be exposed to during their pregnancy. Metal poisoning can result in serious health issues for children.

We live in a highly industrialized time and are exposed to many toxins. Many people are unaware that the ill health effects they are suffering from may be caused by metal poisons. This form of  toxicity is a serious issue and one not to be taken lightly. Reducing the aluminum you are exposed to will help.
1. Reduce the amount that you ingest and also reduce your exposure to this element whenever possible.

2. Block its absorption with calcium, magnesium, or iron.

3. The good news is that you can help to naturally detoxify heavy metal poisons from your body. The malic acid in apples can help to natural detox the body and expel metal toxins. Consuming foods that are rich in sulfur can also help your body to eliminate aluminum. Some helpful foods are: garlic, cabbage, beans, egg yolks and onions.

4. Detoxify your body with a physician prescribed or pharmacist recommended program of 200 to 2400 mg of malic acid combined with 300 to 600gr of magnesium for a period of four to eight weeks. (Important to note that malic acid is found naturally in apples. Maybe the old saying that, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, has some validity to it.)

The human body often need help in ridding itself of the toxins that we ingest. If you suspect that you may have any form of metal poisoning please reduce your exposure to these elements. Always discuss health issues and any alternative treatments you are considering with your physician. Awareness on the dangers of aluminum poisoning has been a slow process but thankfully many companies are now realizing the potential health issues that ingesting this metal can cause and are reducing their use of it.

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