Inspirational Affirmations of Hope

Affirmations of hope can calm strengthen incite and empower us. Our thoughts are powerful. They can chase away insecurity, negativity, and doubt.

Whenever I feel weak or afraid I read this article and it makes me strong again. It can help you too. Positive affirmations can change how you view the world around you. These sayings are powerful and strong. They can chase hurt and insecurity away. Whenever you feel a negative emotion simply take a look in the mirror and say loudly, I am strong.  

The inspirational messages you send will bring with them confidence and strength. The motivational thoughts you portray to the person in the mirror really can help to change how you feel. Today is the perfect time to make a positive change. When was the last time that you told yourself how beautiful you are? Well now is the time. It is time to say how wonderful a person you have evolved to be, how kind, how truly caring a person you have become.

There is no one else out there like you. How special you really and truly are among all those other individuals. You are honest, intelligent, amazing. You can accomplish miracles and this done simply through your perseverance.

Your mind wants to hear these positive thoughts. Your spirit is strong. Your spirit is deep and resilient. Your spirit is beautiful. As magical as a flying bird, a butterfly, or the gossamer threads of a spiders web as it sparkles in the first rays of the morning's sunlit dew. You are a diamond beyond value worthy of all that you undertake to do. You will succeed because you continue to try. You are determined. You are strongYou are the wind, never ending and always pushing onward to your goal. You are successful in all that you do because of who you have become. Your past has given you the abilities to succeed. You will succeed because you are a successful person.

Believe in Love Laughter and Miracles
Believe in Magic and the Power of a Smile
Believe in Yourself and all Things are Possible
Believe in Love Laughter and Miracles

There is a deep beauty in you that will not end, an empathy that is enduring and a never ending kindness that flows from the very blood which courses through your veins. You are strong. Evil cannot tempt you. It cannot harm your spirit or daunt you. You will influence those who need to be influenced and you will be influenced by others when you need their aid. You will emerge okay.

There are times when you may feel alone in this world but you are never alone. Somewhere there is someone who you can reach out to. You only have to reach out to find them. You can do this. Search for these people who can help to make you strong. Until you find them say these messages to yourself. You are beautiful. You are strong. You will succeed. We offer encouragement to others. We compliment them on their appearance and their achievements but we sometimes forget that we need to afford this same graciousness to ourselves. 

We need to hear these motivational affirmations to inspire us to believe, to remind us of how truly special we are and to give us the internal fortitude we need to succeed.

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Providing positive feedback to our inner self is important. Look in the mirror every day and say a few encouraging messages to the person looking back at you. Insure that you start each day knowing that you are meant to succeed in all that you undertake. When you hear an inspirational message or chance to walk by a written one it will influence your thinking. These motivational words will help you to overcome all things. Messages of hope lead us beyond just existing. These affirmations propel us into living. You may not realize at first how great these sayings are in bringing you strength but subconsciously they will be getting through to you. Your mind wants to hear them and your heart wants to believe.

I share the power of positive messages with you today because I know how greatly these words have helped me. I have used these inspirational messages many times in my life. I used them when I was young, when I was afraid, when I felt insecure or alone and when I felt that no one understood me. They were there to tell me that I was loved, wanted, and appreciated. They were there to bring me strength.

When I doubted myself then these words of encouragement would flood back into my mind to applaud my achievements and to entice me into further accomplishments. These positive messages were there to remind me that everything would wind up being okay because things just have a funny way of working out to be that way. 
Within the blessing of these messages we find the strength to bloom like a flower exposed to spring time rain.
We find the strength within these words to become a more positive person. Positive thoughts have the power to heal. I now use these inspirational messages for this reason. I use them to help me heal and to help me to grow strong enough to help me to heal myself. They are my strength.

Inspirational thoughts lead us beyond simply existing. These words of hope propel us into living. They bring us strength when we do not think that there is any left. They gift us the confidence to move forward when we are afraid. These words are powerful. They can inspire us and they can also inspire others.

These inspirational words are there for me when I have difficulty breathing or when I cannot swallow and I choke on my food. Then it is at these times that I tell myself that I am strong. I AM STRONG! And I repeat this message till I believe it.

When I look in the mirror and I see how this disease is stealing my image from me then I tell myself that it will not win. I shout out for the world to hear that I am beautiful and I learn how to fight harder. When I feel that the world does not understand me then I encourage myself to force them to see me. I scream with whispered words of emotion and I tell myself that I am strong and I will succeed. I am succeeding because I am strong, I am beautiful, I am resilient, I am determined, and I have these positive messages to remind me of all these things when I have a tendency to forget.

At 26 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. I thought my life was over but how very wrong I was. My life is amazing. Life can throw some troubling events our way but whenever you might doubt that things will turn around again send this message to yourself and believe: "You are resilient and you are strong. You can accomplish miracles. Stay strong."