Why We Cry To Sad Love Songs

Let's face the facts, every now and then many of us like to sit down and have a really good feel sorry for me cry. 

It happens and it is okay to sometimes want to relish in this sad emotion. It is perfectly normal behaviour. We are human and we enjoy our emotions like a monkey enjoys chowing down on a good banana (Yeah, that doesn't make much sense and I can't believe I just said it either) but happy or sad we do like to enjoy a variety of our emotions. That little fact is all just part of us being human. We are creatures who have a sentimental side. We cry when we are sad but we also cry when we are exceptionally happy too. We are emotional creatures and emotions are understandably a very personal thing. 

When I hear an old favourite heartbreak song it sends a feeling of both warmth and sadness through me. I love the emotion this music brings me and I know that I am not the only one out there like this. So grab a tissue because we are going to take a peek at a few of my favourite sad songs. If you are currently looking for a song that will have the tears tugging at your eyes then perhaps one of these will do.

George Jones: He Stopped Loving Her Today

Feeling sad is just one of our many emotional responses. It is a natural sensation, a simple aspect of being human and you can expect to feel sad at least a few times during your lifetime. A feeling of loss, loneliness, or empathy can initiate an onset of sadness. It is a perfectly normal empathetic response to a situation that disappoints us. 

As well as having an overall lowering of mood the feeling of sad is also often accompanied by tears, a slumping of the shoulders, and a generally lethargic feeling. Sad is how we grieve what we perceive we or someone else has lost and it is a means of releasing this tension from within us. Being sad is much healthier than using anger to express our disappointment. So go ahead and be sad, just don't hang out in the land of misery for too long. There are folks who would really miss your laughter if you did.

Brad Paisley: Whiskey Lullaby

How Many Teardrops in a Teaspoon? About 4 years ago I got the crazy notion to try to figure out how many teardrops it takes to fill a teaspoon. Well that was all fine and dandy and I did find the answer to my question, but then I went a little overboard after that. So if you are planning on having one heck of a darn good cry you just may want to know these teardrop figures of mine. Grab a tissue.

One teaspoon holds about 120 teardrops. There are three teaspoons in each tablespoon which means that one tablespoon holds about 360 teardrops. One cup holds sixteen tablespoons which means that one cup holds about 5760 teardrops. There are two cups in a pint so one pint will hold 11,520 teardrops. There are two pints in every quart so a quart jar will hold about 23,040 teardrops. There are 4 quarts to a gallon so a gallon jar will hold about 92,160 teardrops.

When Sad Becomes Depression Then That is a Bad Sad: 

Feeling unhappy every now and then is a normal and healthy response to a situation which disappoints us. It's okay, we should be allowed to experience this emotion by sitting down and having one heck of a darn good cry feel sorry for me cry. So go on and let those tears gush. Just keep in mind that if that sad feeling turns into a deep dark depression that this is when being sad becomes a problem

Spending too much time alone or drowning your sorrows in alcohol can make it more difficult to bring your mood back under control. When sadness lasts longer than it should, or it turns to anger or to suicidal thoughts then your blue mood is a very big problem. Don't stay there it can be a darn scary place. Depression is a sadness that is difficult to escape and may require medical help to treat.

SADS: Seasonal Affective Disorder: 
So many people were getting unhappy during the winter months that they named this syndrome SADS or Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are a couple of theories as to why people feel so sad during the dark and gloomy winter months but let's just suffice to say that it often has a lot to do with not getting out of the house and into the sunshine as much as we would during the warmer summer months.

You can help to alleviate the symptoms of SADS by getting outdoors more often during the winter, exercising, sitting under a sun lamp, or tanning. Taking a vitamin D supplement may also help. If you believe that you are suffering from SADS it is important to speak with your doctor about this condition as there are ways to get relief from this form of depression.
Avril Lavigne: When You're Gone

Let Your Endorphins Out to Play: Go ahead and have a really good feel sorry for me cry. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start searching for a way to perk your mood back up. Get out there and surround yourself with friends, family, and smiles. Did you happen to know that smiles are contagious? Well they are so go find some to get you smiling again. 
When you smile you release a little chemical message in your brain. It's called an endorphin and this little messenger races down your spine sending out feel good messages as he goes. This gives your body a feeling of complete contentment and provides a release from both physical and emotional pain. It's a great way to get over feeling sad. You can also release endorphins by participating in pleasurable activities or exercise. (Kind of cool huh?) so go on and let your endorphins out to play.

Ever Wonder Which Tissue is the Very Best?

If you are planning on crying a bucket of tears that you will need a good quality tissue to mop up some of the excess liquid spilling out of you. There are lots of good tissue brands but if you are planning on being sad for the better part of the evening then it just may be important to know which tissue is the very best of the best. (Yes, they actually did tests.)

The folks over at Consumer Reports tested 6 different tissues by the 3 top leading tissues brands. The tissues tested were Kleenex, Scotties, and Puffs.These tissues were tested for their overall softness and strength and it turns out that Puffs Ultra was the all out winner. Scotties scored the lowest. (Just mentioning this in case you think you'll need to pick up a pack or two.) 

Sometimes Even Happy Songs Can Make You Cry. 
Emotions are indeed a funny thing. We cry when we are sad but we also cry when we are exceptionally happy too. To add to our emotional confusion there are times when a happy song or thought will make us feel blue enough to cry. Perhaps this is the thankfulness for what we have or the potential thought of the loss of all that we so dearly love.

Elvis Presley: Are You Lonesome Tonight

Humans are emotional creatures and a big thank goodness for that. Our hugs, laughter, and tears are an important aspect of life and living. Sure the sad doesn't feel too good at times but it sure helps us to enjoy our happy emotions a whole lot more. Just keep in mind that the low periods will pass and when the sun comes back out from behind the cloud your smile is going to have the power to warm the heart of everyone you encounter, use that ability as often as you can. Smiles are contagious - Share one today.

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