Natural Healing

Natural health treatments do work to improve quality of life. There are many forms of diet, lifestyle change, and alternative therapy which can be included into our health care regimen to alleviate pain and increase our physical and mental well being. This index will provide you with a selection of natural healing techniques.

Endorphins: Can They be Used to Naturally Heal the Body? They are a chemical message that your brain sends out to bring relief from physical and emotional pain. They travel down the spine and from there throughout the body.

Natural Ways to Treat Depression: Our physical and mental health are very much intertwined and when one suffers it will often affect the other. There are many reasons why we might become depressed and also many ways to escape its grasp.
Craniosacral Massage Therapy: It is a gentle massage designed to aid the body in healing itself by alleviating stress from the central nervous system. This therapy focuses on the bones and surrounding tissue of the skull, spine, and tailbone.

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