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Seeing, reading, or hearing positive messages throughout the day can make you a happier person this is one of the basic facts of being human. Seeing someone smile, reading a cheerful quote, or receiving a compliment can help you feel more confident, content, and happy.

People need positive messages to drive them toward a more satisfied state of mind. Optimism is an important factor in this. Not everyone is given a nurturing upbringing so sometimes we must take it upon ourselves to create our own motivation and inspiration. We sometimes need to train our subconscious thoughts to lean in a more positive direction. It is a process of retraining the thinking process. There is a smile inside of everyone and you are the person who can bring it out in you. Even if you don’t feel it now you can be a happier person. If you act happy you will become happy. The process of optimizing your enjoyment of life begins with discovering what it is that is currently keeping you from attaining it.

Living within a negative environment can cause a person to feel more depressed than they would otherwise be. A physical or emotional health issue can also cause a person to feel unhappy. Sometimes it is simply a matter of having too large an expectation for oneself that causes the unhappiness to occur. Any of these circumstances can make you feel dissatisfied within your current circumstances.
Recognizing the reasons why you are unhappy and working to change these factors is the first step that you will need to take in order to become a happier person. There are many reasons why a person might not be as content as they should be and it is through understanding why this is happening that you will learn to be able to bring more joy to your life. It is therefore very important for you to discover exactly why it is that you are discontent with yourself or your life's circumstances.

Being raised in a negative or pessimistic atmosphere where you may have been subjected to criticism or ridicule can not only make you feel unhappy but it can be an attitude which you carry with you into your adult life. This is where it becomes your responsibility to change your circumstances. You may have to teach yourself how to be an optimistic person. It isn't a quality that every person is raised to believe in but fortunately you have the power to change your life. Providing yourself with positive compliments and encouraging affirmations can help you become a more optimistic person. Hearing simple words and phrases of encouragement can change how you live your life.

Happiness is all around us and we have to learn to appreciate those small moments when we stumble onto them. Too often moments of pure magic are overlooked in accomplishing of our day to day obligations. We sometimes get so caught up in the big picture that we miss the small precious experiences that make life so very special.

Never take life so seriously that you miss out on the wonderful enjoyments that it has to offer. There are always a few minutes each day in which to sit back and enjoy something wonderfully random and silly. Our ability to laugh is there for a reason. Too often we forget the enjoyment of letting go of the expectations being an adult places on us and we neglect to simply give in to the emotion of the moment. Let your inner child out to play. 

Occasionally we may have a need to redesign our personal space in a way that will allow us to be who we are most naturally intended to be. Forget the big picture. Stop and enjoy the moment instead. Think positive thoughts.

There are many reasons why people become unhappy with their circumstances. Not everyone is raised in an atmosphere which teaches them how to be a happy person. Some individuals have a physical impairment or chemical imbalance which increases their chances of being unhappy. The good news is that a person’s emotional outlook can be changed. You can heal disharmony within you.

Being raised with a positive attitude can make it easier to be confident, content, and accepting of opportunities when they come your way. Being raised within a defeatist atmosphere rather than in a household with an optimistic air can be hard on a persons viewpoint, you cannot change your childhood but you can change your future. Being surrounded by negative people, messages, or feedback can reduce your ability to feel content. It can definitely affect your attitude. It is difficult to be positive in a pessimistic environment so it is important to break free and distance yourself from the negativity. 

It is important to note that there is a large difference between feeling negative and feeling sadness, the two are not the same and are not always intertwined. Feeling blue may have a physiological basis. A good dose of sunshine and a smile can create miracles but modern medications can at times be a necessity. There are many things that can go wrong with the human body and some can cause depression to emerge. Suffering a chemical imbalance in the brain can increase a persons likelihood of being unhappy. Our body is an amazing machine but there are many things that can go wrong within it. A trip to your doctor can help you discover if your emotional state has an emotional or physical base and help you to find a treatment program that will work for you.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADS) is now a recognized illness that occurs when a person does not receive adequate sunshine. When you are exposed to the sun your brain releases chemicals to make you feel happy. During winter or other dark gloomy months you may not receive the necessary light to release these chemicals in which case you begin to feel unhappy or depressed. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SADS for short is a relatively newly discovered depression phenomenon. We now know that it is a fact that dark gloomy winter months can affect a person's mood.

Your brain releases feel good chemicals when you are exposed to sunlight, and often in the winter months people simply cannot get enough of these feel good chemicals to ward off depression. Other individuals who work underground or indoors for long hours may also be affected by this disorder. Which means that there are a lot people affected by SADS who find it very difficult to be happy during gloomy months. The best way to relieve the affects of SADS is to get outside and into the light of the sun but unfortunately this is not always possible so you can also find some relief by using a sunlamp to give you additional sunlight in the winter.

Some individuals with SADS find that using a tanning booth during the winter helps, others go south for the winter, and others consult with their doctor on initiating a prescription drug therapy program. There are many online resources for you to read as well. Ultimately it is up to you to reach out to find the help that will alleviate your symptoms. You can be happy.

There are many factors that contribute to our mental well being. Trying to live up to unrealistic expectations is something many of us have difficulty dealing with. Being a perfectionist can cause a person to be disappointed simply because they are not always able to achieve what they perceive they should. Having too high an expectation of what you feel you should accomplish or acquire in your life can leave you open to disappointment.

Many people feel that they should meet and marry the perfect partner, have the perfect job, own an expensive home, etc. In having too high of expectation for what they desire in life they lose sight of all the many wonderful things which they currently do have. Losing appreciation for the little things that matter so very much can steal away your happiness. Living for the future rather than enjoying the pathway there may disappoint you. Don't let life pass you by. Enjoy today. Simplify. Don't be hard on yourself. We are human and therefore not designed to be perfect. Every now and then we won't quite meet up to expectations set out for us. It's okay. No matter what it is that we didn't get quite right today tomorrow morning when we get out of bed again the world will still be turning. We always have a new day to begin again. Find your happy place here, there, and everywhere.

The warmth of the sun beaming down on your face, the first sip of a delicious cup of hot coffee, the smell of supper cooking, hearing a child laugh, and the gentle touch of someone who loves you, these are luxuries that are beyond value. We often let the wonderful little things in life slip by without acknowledging them. Slow things down and take that extra minute or two to stop and enjoy these little moments in life. You will be surprised exactly how many wonderful events you can experience each and every day. 

These small moments in time can bring everything back into perspective again. Life truly is a wonderful adventure and we shouldn't miss a single moment of it. Slow down and enjoy the moments that you might otherwise miss. Smiling when you feel down can help you feel better. Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and inspirational people is important. Smiling or laughing will release feel good chemicals in the brain bringing with them a fuzzy warm feeling of contentment.

When you smile, laugh, or participate in other enjoyable activities your brain releases a tiny feel good chemical known as an endorphin. These endorphins travel down the spinal cord and then spread throughout the body giving you a feeling of intense pleasure.

Let your endorphins out to play. You don’t always have to act like an adult. Turn up your favourite music, grab the broom from the closet, and dance a jig around the living room. Dance as though no one is watching. Sing as though no one can hear you. You can release endorphins through physical activities such as exercise, dance, or a close sexual encounter.

If you smile when you are feeling down it can put you in a better mood. Your brain cannot recognize a real smile from one that is fake so it will simply push your mood to match your expression. Laughter works relatively the same so when you are feeling a little down trick your brain into making you feel better. It is true. So pull out the old comic books, watch that funny cartoon with the kids, or simply sit down and have a really good giggle over something silly. Laughter really can make you feel happier.

A smile can release endorphins which will help you to feel better. They are the body's natural painkiller and they work to heal both physical and emotional pain. A smile will also make others around you happier. Smiles are contagious. When you see a smile you smile and when you smile at someone else, then they smile. Surround yourself in smiles.

Feeling good through positive reinforcement works in the opposite direction as well so try to remove yourself as much as possible from criticism and other negativity which may be present in your current lifestyle. A negative atmosphere can cause you to focus on that energy and to have it reflect in your thoughts and mood. Living in a negative atmosphere or carrying a pessimistic outlook inside of you can and will make you unhappy. Block out negative thoughts, comments, or beliefs and instead repeat positive and encouraging messages to yourself. Remove yourself from negative individuals and instead try to surround yourself with those with a more positive outlook on life.

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A chemical imbalance or other physical ailment can be the reason for a person's unhappiness. If you are extremely unhappy or experience suicidal thoughts then the first conversation you should have is one with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to diagnose if your depression is caused by an underlying physical condition. There are many things which can cause a person to suffer from a physical based unhappiness: an adverse reaction to a prescription drug, a chemical imbalance within the brain, an allergic reaction or food allergy, a head injury, lack of sleep, or a lack of exposure to sunlight. There are physician prescribed drugs which can help relieve depression that is physical in nature. Other natural medications and remedies for depression are also available to help.

Studies indicate that sleep deprivation can be the underlying cause of many cases of depression, including some cases of psychosis, and bipolar disorder. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is very important, although 8 hours per night is considered the necessary standard, some individuals can require up to 10 or 12 hours per night.
Maintaining a proper balance of rest, diet, and exercise is very important to maintaining your emotional well being. A healthy body = A healthy mind. Changing a lifestyle isn't easy but it sure is worth it.

Banish negative feedback that you hear by replacing it with positive and confident thoughts. By brainwashing yourself into believing that you are a happy person you may be surprised to one day realize that you actually are a happy person.

Individuals who are exposed to criticism, and negative feedback on a regular basis, cannot help but be affected by it. This is why it is so very important to surround yourself with positive messages, people, and feedback. Negativity breeds a negative attitude toward life whereas optimism breeds an optimistic attitude.This is why positive parenting is so very important. The chain of discontentment can be broken. It all starts with you.

Share a compliment, share a kindness, share a smile, share an optimistic attitude with those who you encounter throughout your day. Create a more positive environment. Decorate your home in a positive theme and surround yourself with positive and encouraging messages and quotes. Avoid negativity as much as you are able to so that the power of optimism is able to enter your belief system.

You can create a positive atmosphere for yourself. It may take time but you can achieve this. Let go of the negativity in your life, and become a more positive, and happy person. Being content with what you are able to achieve is a large part of being happy. We are not all destined to be rich, or beautiful, or successful but if that is what you desire then go for it. Having an optimistic attitude gives you the power to believe in laughter, magic, miracles, and dreams come true. You may be surprised how a positive attitude can help to make your wishes and dreams come through.

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