How to Get Warm When Your Home is Cold

Winter is cold and some of us really do not handle that chill as well as other people do. The air inside the house can feel very chilly and it can be difficult to shake off that icy feeling once the cold sinks in.

Teeth chattering shivering or your hands turning blue are all telltale signs that you just might be a wee little bit cold. Even when the furnace is running on a high temperature range many homes have a tendency to cool off quickly as soon as the heater clicks off between cycles. 

Fortunately there are a number of little ways that you can help to chase the cool away. Staying warm indoors during the winter months does take some innovative thinking so let's take a little peek at a few ways that just may help you to stay warm when the cold sets in. Stopping door and window drafts is a great place to start. Feel the air near those areas to see how much cold sneaks in through the window glass and door cracks. It can be quite surprising the amount of heat that is lost in these locations.

There are a quite a few ways to make your home feel warmer. Using heavy curtains can help to lock the cold out. Close window curtains in the evening to stop drafts from coming in over night and in the early morning when air is colder. Once the sun is out open the curtains to allow the warm sunshine to help warm your home. 

Weather strip around windows and doors to help stop drafts there. Block door drafts to stop the outdoor air from coming into your home. A rolled up towel or long stuffed toy placed in front of the door will help to stop drafts from coming in under the door. A cute and decorative draft stopper is also a great Christmas or birthday gift for a friend who does not like to get a chill. I knit large puffy snakes to put in front of our doors, once the body is finished the snake is then stuffed with snipped up cloth rags. These long creature draft stoppers work ideally for stopping the winter drafts and can be sewn or knitted. 

If your hands and feet are cold then generally you will also feel cold. So keep your paws warm. Your body's extremities can get cold quicker than the rest the body and once those fingers and toes get cold, well so will the rest of you.
Winter can be very cold on your hands and feet but keeping them warm can also help the rest of your body to feel warmer too. Floors in the winter can be icy cold so keep warm socks or slippers on your feet at all time. Wear warm slippers on your feet to help keep them warm.

Cold feet will have the rest of your body feeling cold so keep those toes warm. Slippers that can be heated in the microwave to be toasty warm on your toes can really help to take the winter chill off. Put rugs on bare areas of the floor. Rugs are much warmer than uncovered floorboards. Scatter rugs strategically placed in high traffic areas such as near the stove, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and kitchen table will help to keep the cold away from your feet. Winter baking is a sweet way to warm up the house.

Lock in your body heat. When it gets cold layer up your clothing to help you stay warm. Rather than turning up the thermostat to get warm bundle up instead. Put on warm socks, slippers, and a sweater. Lock your body heat in with you rather than letting it escape out into the cooler air of your home. It's the perfect time of year to cuddle up to stay warm. 

You can cuddle up under a blanket on the couch, light up the fireplace if you have one and snuggle there, or crawl into bed to get warm. Locking your body heat in close to you really can help to shake off the cold so snuggling under a plush blanket is a great way to feel warmer in the winter. If you are feeling the winter chill and can't seem to shake that cold feeling lay a blanket over your lower body as you sit or crawl back into bed so you can get your body heat working for you. Within twenty minutes you should notice that you are feeling much warmer and able once again to deal with the cooler temperatures in your home.

Flannel blankets are great for helping hold in the warmth. Flannelette sheets help to lock in the warmth so put them on your bed during the cold and chilly winter season. There is just nothing quite like the snuggly warm feel of a flannel blanket around you when the air is cold. Make sure that every member of your family has one on their bed. This fabric is designed to lock in body heat to help you stay warmer.

Cook in the oven rather than on the stove top. Winter is the perfect season for roasts, casseroles, stews, and baking up delicious cakes and cookies. Design your meals and desserts to make use of your oven. By using the oven rather than the stove top you can help to put extra heat into your home. Once your food is cooked, leave the oven door open a crack so the remaining heat will go into your home and help to warm the room up even more.

Eating or drinking warm foods will also help you to warm up in the winter, so put on the kettle to heat and fix yourself up a hot cup of tea or cocoa. Then wrap your hands around that delightfully warm mug. On this same topic try not to drink too much caffeine in the winter. It is a stimulant and can increase the symptoms of poor circulation or Raynaud's syndrome.

Staying Indoors for Extended Periods of Time? If you spend a lot of time inside a Vitamin D Supplement should be on your to-do list. Many people are deficient in vitamin D during the gloomy winter months. Staying indoors or a lack of sunshine during the gloomy winter months contribute to this issue. Taking a vitamin D supplement won't make you feel any warmer but it will help to keep you a little healthier in colder weather. 

Some people are just naturally colder than others. Do you notice that you are freezing while the person sitting beside you appears to be toasty warm? This is actually quite a common occurrence. Some people really do get chilled a little faster than other people do. You may feel colder in the winter if you have poor circulation, a slow metabolism, suffer from Raynaud's Phenomenon, or have less fat on your body than other people.

Some people are just naturally prone to feel the cold more than other people do. It just means that you will have to try a little harder to keep yourself warm in the cooler months so grab your cool weather clothing out of the closet and snuggle up in a nice warm sweater. We can't make winter go away so we just have to do the best we can at staying warm in the winter chill.

Babies have their own distinct needs in cooler weather. Smaller in size they can get cold quickly and they have a bad habit of kicking off their blankets. This means that baby has special needs indeed when in comes to keeping them warm on those cold winter nights. Footies or a sleeping bag type outfit are designed to keep baby from kicking off the blankets on cool fall and winter nights. Help baby to stay warm by snuggling him or her in an outfit that will help to keep the blankets on so baby will evade getting a chill.

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