Motivational Messages of Love Laughter and Encouragement

I don't have to say the words aloud because I hear them in my mind and in my heart inspirational messages are there burning into my subconscious thought. 

Words of love, laughter, and encouragement that have been gathered through time so they are there now whenever I feel the need for them. Repeated time and again within my mind these positive affirmations are strong and resilient. Now a faithful companion to me so familiar that they beat in rhythm with the sound of my heart. They offer comfort, inspiration, and strength whenever I draw upon them.

When life is difficult motivational affirmations can help you find the strength to move forward. These messages are powerful. They will allow you to maneuver around difficult individuals and problematic situations. They will give you the resilience needed to shake off negativity and surround your self with the warmth and confidence that self assurance brings.

Whispered softly in your mind or shouted loudly into the air these inspirational words will bring you the strength needed to believe in yourself. If you breathe happiness into each breath that you take then contentment will be your loyal companion in life. 
Laugh, smile, sing and dance whenever you have the opportunity. These activities bring pleasure and happiness to life. Seek them out. Fill your being with optimism. Surround yourself in encouraging messages throughout each day. Positive thoughts can overpower negative ones. They are powerful. They are strong.

Remember that laughter can chase away negative thoughts. Happiness beams from within and it will make you beautiful, fascinating, dazzling. Believe it. You are beautiful of heart body and soul. Be amazing. Be wonderful. Be you. If you believe in love then it will find you. How will you allow your origins to influence your destination? Believe that you are strong and you will be. Like a willow tree you bend but you will not break. You are never alone. You can accomplish anything. You are powerful. You are strong.

Through the generosity of a giving parent I was taught to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. By affording me and my siblings the joys of childhood I was taught to relish in the warmth of a sunny day, to appreciate the value of a good friend, and to play. Through the hardship of poverty I was taught to work hard and to appreciate the hard work of others. Through love, optimism, and a kind hand I was taught to appreciate the many principles of life which transform an individual into a person.

With dreams all things are possible. One of my parents was an optimist and always looking at the happy side of life while the other was a pessimist constantly living in worry of what the future would hold. With the two opposing forces influencing the direction my life would take I learned early in my childhood which philosophy I wanted to carry with me into my future. We are offered many influences and choices so we must choose which of these it is that we will allow to direct our life.

You are Strong. You will find the courage to walk the pathway to a fulfilling life. You have the power within yourself to believe in the decisions you must make to move forward. Give to yourself without taking from another. Find ways to maintain an optimistic outlook.

If you believe in miracles then they will come to you. Miracles are a gift of kindness from an angel with gossamer wings and a heart of gold. Miracles are rare so appreciate when you receive one. Angels arrive in many forms so you may not see a halo or wings when one is near. You will know they are there from the feeling of warmth in the kindness they bestow. Miracles are rare so appreciate when you receive one. They are a blessing from a kind heart. Return the favour.

Be optimistic. I learned early in life there are many doors which can open for you. My father was a highly optimistic person and from the moment that he hopped out of bed each morning he carried with him an intense excitement for what each new day would hold. He taught myself and my siblings to believe in hope, magic, and miracles. He taught us to look forward to each new day with the same optimism as he did. He taught us to dream.

My life has held many challenges but I would not ask to change one minute of any day that I have lived because it is what has made me what I am today. I am strong, resilient, and determined. The life I have lived has made me this way. I am blessed to be surrounded by individuals who love me and I am blessed in being able to love in return. I have been touched by many angels throughout my lifetime and I thank each and every one who came my way. I pray that the blessings will be returned to them.I love my life.

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