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Natural health treatments do work to improve quality of life. There are many forms of diet, lifestyle change, and alternative therapy which can be included into our health care regimen to alleviate pain and increase our physical and mental well being. This index will provide you with a selection of natural healing techniques.

Laughter Yoga: Healing Through Happiness
Deep breathing accompanied by the healing benefits of laughter are a therapy program referred to as laughter yoga. Although it may feel like fun this exercise program comes with many health benefits as well

Can They be Used to Naturally Heal the Body? They are a chemical message that your brain sends out to bring relief from physical and emotional pain. They travel down the spine and from there spread throughout the body carrying a feel good message as they travel

Craniosacral Massage Therapy:
It is a gentle massage designed to aid the body in healing. This therapy focuses on the bones & surrounding tissue of the skull, spine, & tailbone. In theory if the stress the body is subjected to can be removed than it may allow the immune system time to recover and regain in strength

Best Houseplants for Cleaning Indoor Air:
A study by NASA into plants which can be used for purifying the air around them discovered some very interesting statistics. Plants can indeed be used to help clean indoor air and some plants are better at this task than others