It can be challenging to stay strong when you suffer from muscle pain and fatigue. Chronic or casual it can be a major health issue. Pain is no laughing matter for those who suffer it. This index of diet, exercise, and tips for lifestyle change may help.

Natural Treatment for Muscle Pain:
Injury, illness, or inflammation life really shouldn't have to hurt like this. Fortunately there are ways to naturally lessen that pain. These treatments are generally deemed safe to be added in along with your doctor prescribed routine.

Muscle Loss Prevention Treatments:
Muscle atrophy can occur when muscle is under used. If you don't use it you can lose it. When illness or injury strike it can be challenging to maintain muscle mass without doing harm to the inflamed tissue. It can be a balancing act.

Dysphagia Swallowing Difficulty:
Injury, illness, age, or other issues can cause issues with the muscles in the neck that control our ability to swallow. It can be a frightening and dangerous syndrome to deal with, fortunately there are a few ways to work around the symptoms.