Staying healthy involves a wide range of factors and for those disabled by an inflammatory or autoimmune illness there are even more special considerations to be taken into account. A sensitive immune system, weakened joint and muscle, chronic fatigue, and pain, are issues which require specialized treatment. This index of diet and exercise tips is designed to help with these specific needs.

Foods That Can Cause Inflammation:
We now know that diet can influence the severity of some types of arthritis and other inflammatory illness. There are foods which can trigger a flare and foods which can help decrease the incidence of these inflammatory attacks. Diet definitely can influence the health of those with autoimmune illness.

What is an Elimination Diet Plan?
Eating healthy foods in just the right quantity should be a great plan for the average person, unfortunately some of us don't fall into that category and the foods that should be good for us cause us to fall ill. An elimination diet helps us discover which foods are causing the health issue.

What are Nightshade Plants: 
This family of plants includes vegetables as well as herbs and it may surprise you to know that they produce a toxin to fend off those who wish to feed on them. Also surprising is how common these foods are. White potato, tomato, and a variety of peppers are included in this group of plants.

Losing Weight When You are Physically Disabled: 
Losing weight isn't an easy task and for those affected by disability, injury, or chronic illness the battle can be made an even much more challenging goal to accomplish. With special needs come unique ways to work around this issue. A disabled person often burns less calories per day and may also regularly consume less food throughout the day as well.

Allergy or Food Intolerance: 
Most of us have felt the ill effects of a gassy bloated tummy but for some the food that they consume can have very dangerous consequences. When your immune system enters into the equation then your sensitivity has turned into an allergic reaction and it is time to seriously take a look at your diet plan.