Antioxidants Help Prevent Age Related Illness

Antioxidants may indeed help you live longer and healthier. I don't know if you have noticed but people today tend to look much younger as they age. Diet and lifestyle change are key elements for their success story.

Of course there are a few individuals taking advantage of cosmetic surgery to achieve this look but others are choosing to go natural in their fight against the effects of aging. Studies have been researching how we age and discovering new ways to slow these processes down, this includes the related illnesses that contribute to our aging. 

The power of antioxidants plays quite a key role in how we age. When I was a kid the word antioxidant was never mentioned (or at least not within my ear shot) now that word is everywhere and for good reason. It is a fact that antioxidants can help slow down the body's natural aging processes. A diet rich in antioxidants, low in red meat, and high in omega-3 fats can help slow down how quickly the cells in the body age. 

For people like myself who suffer from chronic autoimmune illness this diet can help reduce the number of flares I experience and may possibly slow the progression of the illness. By changing our lifestyle today we can help to slow how quickly the body ages. All we have to do is switch to a healthier diet and exercise more than we currently do.

Yes, it's a two part system. An exercise program will help to keep the heart, lungs, and muscles strong while a healthy diet plan will help to keep the internal organs performing as they should.These simple factors can help to keep you looking and feeling younger than you otherwise would. So what is new with this advice? We now know the science into how this process works so keep reading.

Aging and age related illness generally occur as the cells within the body are damaged and die off. Consuming antioxidant rich foods can slow down cell damage. This means that when you consume an antioxidant rich diet you can in effect slow down how quickly your body ages.

Aging cells equal an aging body. By slowing down how quickly the cells in your body become damaged and die off you can slow down the aging processes and thereby keep your body looking and feeling younger. You may help to prevent a nasty age related illness from causing your body to age faster than it otherwise would.

Our body requires oxygen to function but when our body uses oxygen it creates free radicals as a byproduct of this transaction. Free radicals are molecules that are incomplete and therefor highly unstable within the body. Once a free radical is formed it sets off in an effort to become stable again and it can only accomplish this by stealing electrons from another molecule within the body. The appearance of aging basically begins when cells in the body become damaged. These damaged or bad cells are the free radicals. 

They are cells within the body that have become incomplete.These free radicals desperately try to repair themselves (to become complete) by stealing electrons from other molecules. Unfortunately when they steal an electron from another molecule they then cause the donating molecule to become unstable or to in effect become another free radical. The now incomplete molecule then goes off trying to make itself complete and this initiates a chain reaction of cell damage. As more cells are damaged and destroyed you begin to show signs of aging.

This is where the antioxidants that you eat step in to help slow down age related damage to your body. RedBeans, Blueberries, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, Cranberries, Blackberries, Prunes, Raspberries, Strawberries, Apples, Cherries, Plums, Pomegranate, Red Grapes, Kale, Spinach Green Tea, Red Wine, Russet Potato, and Chocolate are a few examples of these healing foods.
Antioxidants are stable molecules. They maintain their entirety even after they donate one of their electrons to an unstable molecule. This means that the antioxidants you consume can simply lend an electron to a free radical without damaging their own structure. They help to repair and stop cell damage from occurring.

When a free radical becomes stable by picking up an extra electron from an antioxidant the chain of damage stops. The free radical is now stable and the antioxidant molecule remains complete even after it has donated one of its electrons. The aging process that would have otherwise occurred does not happen. Your cells remain healthy.

Our aging process has many contributing factors. Disease, diet, exercise, stress, and rest are a few of the factors that can influence how we age. There are many influences involved in our life processes. Fortunately we do have control over a few that can help us prevent some of the effects of premature illness and aging.

Eat an antioxidant rich diet
The old advice to eat our fruit and vegetables now has a logical reasoning behind it. Science has uncovered why an antioxidant rich diet helps us to stay young.

Get sufficient rest
Get plenty of sleep. It is very important. Most people generally require eight hours of sleep per night. Sleep is an important function for good health. Your body heals while you sleep so insure that you give your body the time it needs to rejuvenate and to heal itself.

Exercise a few times each week
It is pretty much common knowledge that exercise improves health and increases longevity. Walking is one of the easiest and most versatile forms of exercise. What is not to love in taking a little walk each day? Dance, yoga, jogging? Whatever your passion is just get out there and do it.

Drink plenty of water
Stay hydrated. It will help to keep your body running smoothly and flushed from toxins. It will also help your tummy feel fuller so you are less apt to eat more than you should. Moisturize your skin daily.

Exercise your brain
We know that exercising the body will help to keep it strong but most people forget that exercise is also important for our thought processes as well. Give your brain a workout every day by challenging it to take on new tasks. Exercise your brain. 

Smile often. Laugh often
We know that stress is hard on the immune system so make every effort to live as stress free as you are able to. Laugh often. It helps to relieve aches and pains and it is also great exercise for the heart, lungs, and tummy. Laughter can indeed help you lose weight. It burns calories and firms the muscles of the abdomen.

Be happy, kind, and loving 
Enjoying all the little things in life will make it so very worth living. Laughter brings with it happiness and this feeling is a life changer. Listen to a child laugh, share a joke with an old friend, give someone a hug every day. Human touch is important. We can't change all the factors that cause us to age but we can change a few. Live well to slow down the factors that cause your body to age. Even a little change is a good one.

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