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What Are Nightshade Plants?

The mere words Nightshade Plant draw up images of mysterious workings within the dark of night, images of witches and of medicine men silently creating their wares, the creation of magic potions or poisonous concoctions.

Well the images and ideals surrounding Nightshade Plants may not be that far off from the truth. Many of these sprouts,herbs, and vegetables contain ingredients that are used within modern and herbal medicines.

Although these plants and their chemical components are generally used to promote good health some of their properties can indeed be toxic when consumed in large quantities or when given to people who have a food sensitivity or autoimmune disorder.

Nightshade plants are more common than one might first presume. Many people do not realize that some of the foods growing in their garden fall under this category and may not be all that healthy for some members of their family to consume.

Nightshades are plants which have developed a means of self defence against preda…

Brainfog: Cognitive Dysfunction

Brain fog does exist and for those who suffer from its symptoms it can be a very frustrating syndrome to deal with. 

Cognitive dysfunction (as this phenomenon is more professionally termed) is a state of mental fuzziness or confusion that is generally caused by an underlying health issue.

Similar to the mental confusion that a normal person might suffer if they were extremely fatigued or ill with a very bad head cold, brain fog is no laughing matter. In fact it can be extremely disabling.

Brain fog feels similar to the symptoms of a bad head cold and the causes of this syndrome are many. It may develop because an underlying illness such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, or Thyroidism is present. It may also occur if you suffer from heavy metal poisoning, extreme fatigue, brain injury, tumor, or menopausal symptoms.

Although a person may not always discover the cause of their brain fog they certainly know all too well the many symptoms and hardships which this syndrome can cause.

So what is this …

Natural Ways to Treat Depression

It is something that can happen to anyone at any stage of life. A traumatic event, a physical change in the body, or simply an inability to deal with the many stresses of life can bring on a bout of depression. 

Some individuals may have a lower ability to tolerate stress and this also may predispose them to depression. It can come on suddenly or it can develop gradually over many years. Because there are so very many reasons for a person to be depressed it is a very individual illness and what works to help one person heal may not work for another.

The good news is that there are a number of proven natural therapies which can greatly help to relieve the symptoms for many and these treatments are quite safe to implement into your treatment program. There are many effective means to fight depression and it is just a matter of finding the method which works best for you.
As with all illness it is often a combination of prescription, diet, and lifestyle change which is most effective in tre…

Root Canal Surgery Toxic Bacteria

There are risks that come along with dental surgery and root canal surgery is no exception. Unforeseen issues can occur when you have root canal work done and these complications can cause future health problems including a phenomenon known as toxic tooth (also referred to as toxic root canal).

One main problem area that is distinct to root canal surgery is that after the operation bacteria within the now sealed tooth continues to breed and begins to find its way into the bloodstream where it can potentially play havoc on the patient's immune system.

Although the main bulk of pulp from a tooth is removed during surgery within the root of the tooth there remain hundreds of thousands of tiny tubules designed to carry nutrients to the tooth and these become the pathway that the now enclosed bacteria use to travel into the body. Dentists fill the main cavity of the tooth but have no means of removing or filling the approximately 1.5 million microscopic tubules within each tooth. 

With th…
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