Maintaining a positive mental attitude is important when dealing with a physical illness. Physical and mental health work in unison to bring us an optimum appreciation for our life achievements and enjoyments.

Inspirational Affirmations of Hope: 
When I am feeling weak or afraid I read these words and they make me feel strong again. Hearing these positive messages encourages me to move forward again

Resilience: Our Ability to Adapt and Deal With Change
We are in a constant state of adaption to our current circumstances so although a sudden change can be difficult to adjust to we are programmed to adjust through the numerous previous changes we have undergone

Prioritize: Create an Energy Budget
It comes down to a process of prioritization. Learning to say no to additional tasks and to the people who ask can often be part of adapting. It is known as an energy budget and it can improve your quality of life.

How to Become a More Optimistic Person:
A positive attitude can greatly increase the satisfaction you receive within your life but unfortunately an optimistic attitude doesn't always come naturally. Sometimes we need a little revision and retraining to get us there

Natural Ways to Treat Depression:
Our physical and mental health are very much intertwined and when one suffers it will often affect the other. There are many reasons why we might become depressed and also many ways to escape its grasp

It May be Time for a Little Self Love:
Have you been sending the wrong messages to yourself? We sometimes are harsher on ourself than we are on others and if you are doing it then it may be time to update your attitude to bring in a little more self love

Feeling Lonely? You are Not Alone: 
There are many reasons why a person may find a deep sense of loneliness within them. It happens whenever we feel a lack of connection with those around us. Creating a solid social network can help to insure we don't experience this loss in future years

Be Happy - Get Your Happiness Happening: 
Having a positive attitude can greatly improve your happiness. Unfortunately not everyone is raised to be a positive thinker so sometimes we need to retrain our brain. Optimism is a valuable asset

Being Disabled May Suck but Life Isn't Over Yet: It certainly isn't something one plans to have happen but illness, injury, or age can bring with it some surprises we simply just have to learn to deal with. We are resilient, we adjust, and we once again learn to live our life to its optimum enjoyment

Motivational Messages of Love Hope and Encouragement
Affirmations are words created with positive reinforcement as their goal. Repeated time and again they bring with them a source of encouragement strength and comfort. They are powerful

Will Time Ever Truly Heal the Hurt?
A tragic event, breakup, or enormous disappointment can leave one wondering if the hurt will ever go away. The passage of time can help by dimming the memories but it is also up to each person to work at insuring the pain gets erased

Build up That Low Self Esteem:
There are many factors that can affect our self esteem and getting our self image back up to snuff can sometimes take a little work. Positive feedback, inspirational affirmations, and a few self compliments can certainly help.

We are emotional creatures so it is normal to cry when we see or hear something that saddens us. Feeling sad is not a bad thing so long as we don't remain there for an extended period of time or to the point of going deeper into the unhappiness of depression.