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Allergy or Food Intolerance

There comes a time when a negative reaction to food becomes a very real health concern. That time is when your immune system decides to become involved and the tummy ache you had last week turns into a serious allergic reaction to your dinner this week.

It is estimated that in the United States there may be as many as 15 million people who suffer from food allergies and of these approximately 100 to 200 allergy sufferers will lose their life each year in an acute reaction to the food they consume. Those are the extreme cases but food sensitivities are not an issue that anyone should take lightly.

It can be important to know if your tummy ache is just a tummy ache or if it is a signal to something potentially more. More serious symptoms could signal a food intolerance or a possible allergy reaction to one or more foods that you are consuming. At times it can be difficult to know if that after dinner bloating is a simple consequences of consuming a little too much food or potentially some…

What Is An Elimination Diet Plan?

An elimination diet plan is a program that removes suspect foods from a persons meal plan in an attempt to discover which food or food groups an individual might have a sensitivity to.

Up to Seventy five percent of the population may have an intolerance to a food that is otherwise considered safe for human consumption. These food sensitivities may cause nothing more than a mild case of gastrointestinal discomfort to the sufferer but they can also be severe enough to cause harm to one or more of the body's organs.

In some cases the body's reaction to a food sensitivity can cause the development of an immune system response that is so severe it results in the formation of a chronic inflammatory based illness. It is suspected that some types of autoimmune illness ie: Rheumatoid Arthritis may occur because the body's immune system is rebelling against an allergy or intolerance.

There are many types of health problems which can occur when someone is suffering from an intoler…