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Best House Plants for Cleaning Indoor Air

A two year study conducted by NASA has shown that common household plants are indeed helpful in removing harmful toxins from the air around them. They discovered that spider plants rank as one of the top air purifying houseplants

Their study showed that having specific species of plants in the home can help to reduce indoor pollution levels. Plants help to purify the air around them. This means that the air within your home can be a little cleaner to breathe if you simply invite a few friendly little houseplants to come and share your home with you.

You may be wondering why it is necessary to clean the air inside the home when you have worked so diligently to maintain a clean and germ free interior. Well it turns out that all the extra housecleaning and the household cleaning products that you have been using to do it might actually be adding to the level of toxins contained in the air within the home.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies indicate that air levels within an e…

Sick Building Syndrome Symptoms

Is your home or office the reason for your health issues? Sick building syndrome occurs when the indoor air within a building reaches pollution levels sufficient enough to cause illness or disease within its occupants.

This syndrome is unfortunately much more common than most people realize and it still exists today in homes and work places throughout the United States and Canada. The Sick building phenomenon was first recognized in 1984 when the World Health Organization officially concluded that the polluted air within homes and work places was indeed causing the occupants of those buildings to become ill.

Sick building syndrome symptoms may include one or any combination of these negative health symptoms: Sneezing, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, sore or irritated eyes, headache, dizziness, stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, confusion or difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering things, earaches, congestion, skin rash or itch, intolerance to heat or cold, uncomforta…

How To Get Rid Of A Chronic Cough

A persistent cough can be annoying and it can also be quite dangerous as well. Excess mucous can cause a lung infection while chronic breathing difficulties can put added pressure on your heart.

You generally want to take care of a cough whenever one develops and especially if it becomes a chronic or recurring health issue. This page will give you a few strategies for getting rid of a persistent cough and also a few natural remedies for when the cold or flu has you wheezing and sneezing. Now let's see if we can't shake that awful cough that you have got.

The first step to getting rid of cough is knowing why you have it. Once you know why you are having breathing issues then you can work to remove the irritants that cause it and put a few preventative measures in place to keep that nasty cough from returning.

Finding the reason why you have a cough is the true key to getting over it and keeping it from coming back. There are a number of ways to get rid of or relieve the symptoms o…

How to Get Warm When Your Home is Cold

Winter is cold and some of us really do not handle that chill as well as other people do. The air inside the house can feel very chilly and it can be difficult to shake off that icy feeling once the cold sinks in.

Teeth chattering shivering or your hands turning blue are all telltale signs that you just might be a wee little bit cold. Even when the furnace is running on a high temperature range many homes have a tendency to cool off quickly as soon as the heater clicks off between cycles.

Fortunately there are a number of little ways that you can help to chase the cool away. Staying warm indoors during the winter months does take some innovative thinking so let's take a little peek at a few ways that just may help you to stay warm when the cold sets in.

There are a quite a few ways to make your home feel warmer. Stopping door and window drafts is a great place to start. Feel the air near those areas to see how much cold sneaks in through the window glass and door cracks. It can be q…

Aluminum Metal Poisoning

There are metals that our body cannot tolerate yet even today we continue to be exposed to these. Aluminum is one of these.

When I was a child lead poisoning was just coming to our awareness. The lead pipes and paints in homes, schools, and businesses were creating health issues for those exposed to it. Because people were now aware of its detrimental health effects preventative measures were put in place and lead was banned from use in many common household products.

Metal poisoning is generally not an easy health issue to recognize or to diagnose but it does still occur. Aluminum is a toxicity of particular concern because this metal shows up in many of our food preparation and storage products. It is a metal that should be used in building materials and furniture items but not in products used in our food preparation. Aluminum poisoning can express itself with a variety of symptoms and mimic the tell tale signs of many common illnesses.

A lack of ability to concentrate, forgetfulnes…

Dysphagia: How I Manage my Swallowing Difficulty

Fatigue, muscle damage, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, a blockage in the throat area, or other factors can make choking on food, liquids, or saliva a very serious issue for some individuals.

Although dysphagia is a common complaint of the aged; illness, an accident, chronic acid reflux, or a chronic disability can bring on swallowing difficulties at any age.

I don't eat oranges anymore because I am afraid that I will choke as I attempt to swallow their stringy pulp. Swallowing is difficult for me so there are many foods which I no longer attempt to eat.

I keep a glass beside my dinner plate and I take a sip after each bite to help to push the food down as I eat. Choking is one of my largest fears and I am not alone.

My swallowing difficulty began when I was twenty-six years old. I was diagnosed with a rare muscular illness classed under the term "Myositis". The disease comes with severe fatigue, muscle weakness, and muscle wasting. These are the key factors which cause many…
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