Brainfog: Cognitive Dysfunction

Brain fog does exist and for those who suffer from its symptoms it can be a very frustrating syndrome to deal with. 

Cognitive dysfunction, as this phenomenon is more professionally termed, is a state of mental fuzziness or confusion that is generally caused by an underlying health issue.

Similar to the mental confusion that a normal person might suffer if they were extremely fatigued or ill with a very bad head cold, brain fog is no laughing matter. In fact it can be extremely disabling.

Brain fog feels similar to the symptoms of a bad head cold and the causes of this syndrome are many. It may develop because an underlying illness such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, or Thyroidism is present. It may also occur if you suffer from heavy metal poisoning, extreme fatigue, brain injury, tumor, or menopausal symptoms.

Although a person may not always discover the cause of their brain fog they certainly know all too well the many symptoms and hardships which this syndrome can cause.

So what is this …

Allergy or Food Intolerance

There comes a time when a negative reaction to food becomes a very real health concern. That time is when your immune system decides to become involved and the tummy ache you had last week turns into a serious allergic reaction to your dinner this week.

It is estimated that in the United States there may be as many as 15 million people who suffer from food allergies and of these approximately 100 to 200 allergy sufferers will lose their life each year in an acute reaction to the food they consume. Those are the extreme cases but food sensitivities are not an issue that anyone should take lightly.

It can be important to know if your tummy ache is just a tummy ache or if it is a signal to something potentially more. More serious symptoms could signal a food intolerance or a possible allergy reaction to one or more foods that you are consuming. At times it can be difficult to know if that after dinner bloating is a simple consequences of consuming a little too much food or potentially some…

What Is An Elimination Diet Plan?

An elimination diet plan is a program that removes suspect foods from a persons meal plan in an attempt to discover which food or food groups an individual might have a sensitivity to.

Up to Seventy five percent of the population may have an intolerance to a food that is otherwise considered safe for human consumption. These food sensitivities may cause nothing more than a mild case of gastrointestinal discomfort to the sufferer but they can also be severe enough to cause harm to one or more of the body's organs.

In some cases the body's reaction to a food sensitivity can cause the development of an immune system response that is so severe it results in the formation of a chronic inflammatory based illness. It is suspected that some types of autoimmune illness ie: Rheumatoid Arthritis may occur because the body's immune system is rebelling against an allergy or intolerance.

There are many types of health problems which can occur when someone is suffering from an intoler…

Antioxidants Help Prevent Age Related Illness

Antioxidants may indeed help you live longer and healthier. I don't know if you have noticed but people today tend to look much younger as they age. Diet and lifestyle change are key elements for their success story.

Of course there are a few individuals taking advantage of cosmetic surgery to achieve this look but others are choosing to go natural in their fight against the effects of aging. Studies have been researching how we age and discovering new ways to slow these processes down, this includes the related illnesses that come along with aging. 

The power of antioxidants plays quite a key role in how we age. When I was a kid the word antioxidant was never mentioned (or at least not within my ear shot) now that word is everywhere and for good reason. It is a fact that antioxidants can help slow down the body's natural aging processes. A diet rich in antioxidants, low in red meat, and high in omega-3 fats can help slow down how quickly the cells in the body age. 

For lucky peo…

Best House Plants for Cleaning Indoor Air

A two year study conducted by NASA has shown that common household plants are indeed helpful in removing harmful toxins from the air around them. They discovered that spider plants rank as one of the top air purifying houseplants

Their study showed that having specific species of plants in the home can help to reduce indoor pollution levels. Plants help to purify the air around them. This means that the air within your home can be a little cleaner to breathe if you simply invite a few friendly little houseplants to come and share your home with you.

You may be wondering why it is necessary to clean the air inside the home when you have worked so diligently to maintain a clean and germ free interior. Well it turns out that all the extra housecleaning and the household cleaning products that you have been using to do it might actually be adding to the level of toxins contained in the air within the home.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies indicate that air levels within an e…

Sick Building Syndrome Symptoms

Is your home or office the reason for your health issues? Sick building syndrome occurs when the indoor air within a building reaches pollution levels sufficient enough to cause illness or disease within its occupants.

This syndrome is unfortunately much more common than most people realize and it still exists today in homes and work places throughout the United States and Canada. The Sick building phenomenon was first recognized in 1984 when the World Health Organization officially concluded that the polluted air within homes and workplaces was indeed causing the occupants of those buildings to become ill.

Sick building syndrome symptoms may include one or any combination of these negative health symptoms: Sneezing, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, sore or irritated eyes, headache, dizziness, stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, confusion or difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering things, earaches, congestion, skin rash or itch, intolerance to heat or cold, uncomfortab…

How To Get Rid Of A Chronic Cough

A persistent cough can be annoying and it can also be quite dangerous as well. Excess mucous can cause a lung infection while chronic breathing difficulties can put added pressure on your heart.

You generally want to take care of a cough whenever one develops and especially if it becomes a chronic or recurring health issue. This page will give you a few strategies for getting rid of a persistent cough and also a few natural remedies for when the cold or flu has you wheezing and sneezing. Now let's see if we can't shake that awful cough that you have got.

The first step to getting rid of cough is knowing why you have it. Once you know why you are having breathing issues then you can work to remove the irritants that cause it and put a few preventative measures in place to keep that nasty cough from returning.

Finding the reason why you have a cough is the true key to getting over it and keeping it from coming back. There are a number of ways to get rid of or relieve the symptoms o…